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no, you pull MY daisy!

First off, and to mend ourselves up a bit after last night’s tequila-and-beer decadence, we grubbed at Local—a Silver Lake neighborhood favorite, with local, organic fare. Snapped this pic of Ana and Mark but didn’t manage get of the whole … Continue reading

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Please Pull My Tooth Out

This morning’s breakfast looked like this:   No, I didn’t eat two breakfasts! The hubby’s back! More about where he’s been later. But for now, Chris is back and we’re having breakfie for two! This afternoon, we went to niece Ky’s Halloween … Continue reading

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This morning, I ate breakfast on the porch, enjoying what little bit of warmth fall has left to offer. Neufchatel cheese spread on graham crackers with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll buy coffee out today. But mornings like this … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

How is it that only when you’re running late do the slowest vehicles of all time insist on pulling out in front of you?? All 150 miles of your commute?! And I’m not talking slow-driving cars. I’m talking combines and … Continue reading

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to BUY or to TRAVEL!?!?

Powered up my morning with an almond milk and pea protein smoothie—and added in some leftover fruit! Yum. And because I know myself so well, I also made some hearty oatmeal with chopped dates and walnuts. I know I can … Continue reading

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All The Right Moves In All The Wrong Places

As in muscle spasms…not big ones, just one irritating spasm right around that sprained vertebrae. It’s typical for me after any form of activity more strenuous than, oh, say, sleeping and it’s surprisingly not as bad as I would have … Continue reading

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Seeking Inspiration – Any Way I Can Get It!

An inspiring sunrise deserves lofty goals! Well, mine might not seem “lofty” to most people, but we’ll get to them later. First, breakfast! Freshly ground coffee! Toppings getting ready to jump into my bowl of oats: 1/2 sliced banana, 1 … Continue reading

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