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Two Stars Too Many

I have a colleague who jokes that to her, camping means any hotel rated less than two stars. Well. All I have to say is that if the hotel I’m staying in right now really is three stars, then to … Continue reading

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Long Time, No Blog

I could say I’ve been so busy (stressed, anxious, preoccupied). Or that my time has been co-opted by my job (husband, Christmas shopping, organizing). Or that I’ve been changing locations daily. Actually, I could say it all. But I won’t … Continue reading

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no, you pull MY daisy!

First off, and to mend ourselves up a bit after last night’s tequila-and-beer decadence, we grubbed at Local—a Silver Lake neighborhood favorite, with local, organic fare. Snapped this pic of Ana and Mark but didn’t manage get of the whole … Continue reading

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In Our Travels, Los Angeles Indeed Plays Itself

Does the day after Thanksgiving at your house also contain a meal similar to this? Or involve a hike through Malibu Creek State Park? Well, for some of you it sure does—many were out enjoying the park. Later on, at … Continue reading

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Having a Blast at the Geyser

Our day began at 12 a.m. in the early, early morning. Niina, Elif, Chris and I cooked spaghetti with left-behind pasta in the hostel kitchen. We went to bed with tummies full of “Teresa’s Italian Kitchen” pasta, chili crackers, avocado, hot … Continue reading

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The Blue Lagoon & an Icelandic Wedding

When the bus finally arrived, Niina, Elif, Chris and I headed to the Blue Lagoon. Wow! What an amazing place!! We didn’t expect it to be quite so…commercial…but then, it wasn’t a huge surprise either. I’d guess that in a … Continue reading

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Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing in Iceland!

Just as I take one last whole-hearted swing with my ice axe, I hear the guys below cheering and clapping for my accomplishment as a shower of ice rains down onto my face. I did it. I climbed the ice … Continue reading

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