no, you pull MY daisy!

First off, and to mend ourselves up a bit after last night’s tequila-and-beer decadence, we grubbed at Local—a Silver Lake neighborhood favorite, with local, organic fare. Snapped this pic of Ana and Mark but didn’t manage get of the whole wheat apple pancakes with pecans before they were gone (oops!).

During our walk back to The Palace, we moseyed through the Silver Lake Farmers’ Market where Chris was excited to find these cute little baby bok coy. We also snagged some sweet peppers and a sage bundle for our new house.

We also picked up some fancy salt at Spice Station.

Spice Station had a nice, relaxing courtyard.

And browsed through Pull My Daisy—a boutique that had received a makeover on The Antonio Treatment (HGTV). It was very cute and looked just like it did on the show.

Complete with those delightful palm tree cutouts.

I also went for a spin on the world’s smallest Harley.

Heading home for a nap, we saw an elementary school where a team of volunteers had dug up half a small corner parking lot and is preparing to plant a garden.

Mmmmm. Now we nap. 🙂

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4 Responses to no, you pull MY daisy!

  1. Oh what I wouldn’t give to go to that spice market…. I envy you. Looks like you are having a great time… and all those fresh vegis!!! And here we sit with snow up to our ears.

  2. allieksmith says:

    Hope you nap was nice! You made me laugh out loud about you riding on the world’s smallest Harley haha 🙂

    That spice shop looks soo cool!

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh, what gorgeous lamps! The spices might be more easily transportable though 😉

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