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Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing in Iceland!

Just as I take one last whole-hearted swing with my ice axe, I hear the guys below cheering and clapping for my accomplishment as a shower of ice rains down onto my face. I did it. I climbed the ice … Continue reading

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Mighty Masaya

The smell is atrocious; the heat nearly as bad.    We´re leaning over what is widely reported as the most active volcano in Central America, looking at the colorful layers of sediment: brilliant orange, green, shiny black, gray, purple…but the … Continue reading

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Santa Ana & Parque Nacional Los Volcanes

We are mostly unimpressed with Santa Ana, known as ¨the colonial seat of old money,¨ according to our guidebook. Our arrival, after a two-and-a-half hour bus ride through nasty back roads from Juayua, is met with a smelliness that deeply offends our … Continue reading

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