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Two Stars Too Many

I have a colleague who jokes that to her, camping means any hotel rated less than two stars. Well. All I have to say is that if the hotel I’m staying in right now really is three stars, then to … Continue reading

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Arrived in Reykjavik, and There Was Nothing Here!

…At the airport, I mean. Literally, nothing. No buildings, no trees…just the most eerily beautiful landscape, at the most serene international airport (Keflavik) we´ve ever visited. We shuttled in, checked into the hotel, stuffed our tummies with pickled herring, and … Continue reading

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Cartels & Hurricanes

This episode´s characters: Captain Mike-American penal system refugee (read: lawless) and 28-year-old captain of his parents´ freight boat. Carries at all times a Glock-9 and monstrous Jamaican blunt. Neil-Floridian, 20, with a lazy eye and an easy laugh. Kevin-Neil´s leader. … Continue reading

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Santa Ana & Parque Nacional Los Volcanes

We are mostly unimpressed with Santa Ana, known as ¨the colonial seat of old money,¨ according to our guidebook. Our arrival, after a two-and-a-half hour bus ride through nasty back roads from Juayua, is met with a smelliness that deeply offends our … Continue reading

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