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Please Pull My Tooth Out

This morning’s breakfast looked like this:   No, I didn’t eat two breakfasts! The hubby’s back! More about where he’s been later. But for now, Chris is back and we’re having breakfie for two! This afternoon, we went to niece Ky’s Halloween … Continue reading

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Zsa Zsa Homeless, Will Write Dissertation for Food

We’ve been (and still are) debating whether to purchase a home or continue to rent. Let’s be clear about one thing: WE HATE RENTING. ESPECIALLY IN COLLEGE TOWNS. We’d come to the conclusion that we could purchase a condo for … Continue reading

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How To Evict A Frog?

That’s right. There’s a frog. In the workout room (basement). Tried to get a photo but he was too quick to hide. Needless to say, there were no pilates this morning. 😦 The interesting thing? He’s already been once removed … Continue reading

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Here’s To “The Girls!”

My little sis, Anna, and I decided to try a Zumba class tonight!! We even managed to talk our dad into going, which is quite amazing, considering he can’t dance and was worried he’d be the only man present.   … Continue reading

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This morning, I ate breakfast on the porch, enjoying what little bit of warmth fall has left to offer. Neufchatel cheese spread on graham crackers with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll buy coffee out today. But mornings like this … Continue reading

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A Day Like That

Large farm-related equipment slowed my homeward commute, too! Good thing I didn’t need to make good time. I managed to get this pic. And since we weren’t even breaking 10 mph, I didn’t feel it was too dangerous to whip … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

How is it that only when you’re running late do the slowest vehicles of all time insist on pulling out in front of you?? All 150 miles of your commute?! And I’m not talking slow-driving cars. I’m talking combines and … Continue reading

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