Arrived in Reykjavik, and There Was Nothing Here!

…At the airport, I mean. Literally, nothing. No buildings, no trees…just the most eerily beautiful landscape, at the most serene international airport (Keflavik) we´ve ever visited.

Activity menue at the Reykjavik Backpackers' Hostel

We shuttled in, checked into the hotel, stuffed our tummies with pickled herring, and napped. A nearly perfect arrival. Knowing Niina´s flight would come in later in the afternoon, we figured out the walking directions to her hostel (about a mile or so away) and planned to meet her there. Only, she didn´t know this was the plan. So after calculating the time it would take for her to retrieve luggage and ride the Flybus into town, we headed out.

Reykjavik is so cute! Everything is so tiny! Even the highways. No, ESPECIALLY the highways! People are very nice…and tall! As we walked further into the city center, the streets became even narrower and the buildings very tiny and adorable in that Hollywood studio sort of way.

Reunion with Niina (of Finland)! We met in Japan in 1998 and she attended our wedding in 2000. It's always good to visit with longtime friends!

Niina´s hostel was super easy to spot. About 20 grubby backpackers looking for a bed for the night spilled out onto the street. Chris asked if I´d recognize Niina after 10 years, and before I could answer, there she was! At the counter, handing over her Finnish passport.

As she and I caught up, Chris stuffed every storage spot in his clothing (and those of you who know him know that he´s nothing if not a heavily pocketed dude) with adventure brochures and entertainment catalogs. Somehow, we managed to fit him, brimming pockets and all, into Dori´s car. It´s so hard to believe that the last time the four of us were together was exactly 10 years ago, at our wedding.

Salmon and whale kabobs for lunch.

Dori and his fiance, Berglind, invited us to their home for dinner. Breaking bread together and messing around with their delightful, plump baby made for a perfectly enjoyable evening. Seeing Dori with his daughter was amazing…Chris, Niina and I had vivid memories of that crazy kid from years past. We laughed, ate, made plans, and reminisced about the year we spent together living in Japan. Still can´t believe Dori´s getting married!

As for tonight, I somehow managed to pry maps and flyers for scuba diving excursions from Chris and convince him to get some sleep. As for tomorrow…I´m sure he´s dreaming right now of what adventure we´ll have…
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