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Adjusting (this time for something GOOD!)

Well, well! This morning marked Chris’s first day at his new job . He’s been out of work since August, so this is a very good thing. Of course, it requires a few minor adjustments: This morning we both looked … Continue reading

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A Day Like That

Large farm-related equipment slowed my homeward commute, too! Good thing I didn’t need to make good time. I managed to get this pic. And since we weren’t even breaking 10 mph, I didn’t feel it was too dangerous to whip … Continue reading

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to BUY or to TRAVEL!?!?

Powered up my morning with an almond milk and pea protein smoothie—and added in some leftover fruit! Yum. And because I know myself so well, I also made some hearty oatmeal with chopped dates and walnuts. I know I can … Continue reading

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