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Mixed Feelings Weekend

We feel so sad and keep checking Facebook and e-mails, hoping to hear from our friends in Japan that they’re okay. I still can’t find the number for Otosan (my Japanese host father) but I’m going to keep looking. We … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

How is it that only when you’re running late do the slowest vehicles of all time insist on pulling out in front of you?? All 150 miles of your commute?! And I’m not talking slow-driving cars. I’m talking combines and … Continue reading

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All The Right Moves In All The Wrong Places

As in muscle spasms…not big ones, just one irritating spasm right around that sprained vertebrae. It’s typical for me after any form of activity more strenuous than, oh, say, sleeping and it’s surprisingly not as bad as I would have … Continue reading

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Seeking Inspiration – Any Way I Can Get It!

An inspiring sunrise deserves lofty goals! Well, mine might not seem “lofty” to most people, but we’ll get to them later. First, breakfast! Freshly ground coffee! Toppings getting ready to jump into my bowl of oats: 1/2 sliced banana, 1 … Continue reading

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Chop Chop, Sip Sip

In all honesty, I started today out a little on the shaggy side: But fortunately, Tyler could fit me in at Third & Alder Salon and I am now a much better groomed ladyface: After a short visit to the … Continue reading

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