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Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

How is it that only when you’re running late do the slowest vehicles of all time insist on pulling out in front of you?? All 150 miles of your commute?! And I’m not talking slow-driving cars. I’m talking combines and … Continue reading

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Resolved to Start Again

I love the 4.5-mile loop near where we live. It’s absolutely beautiful. But today’s walk was a bit frustrating, if anything. I’m itching to run. Or even jog very slowly. I’m so tired of not being able to move more! … Continue reading

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A Home Improvement Sunday

Today comes with a lengthy list of chores! All the more reason for a hearty breakfast! This morning, we enjoyed homemade, fresh-dug potato hash and eggs. Is there a better way to begin the morning? We sauteed the potatoes with … Continue reading

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