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Two Stars Too Many

I have a colleague who jokes that to her, camping means any hotel rated less than two stars. Well. All I have to say is that if the hotel I’m staying in right now really is three stars, then to … Continue reading

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Some of my coworkers jokingly call me House-of-Ha because they think I’m full of one-liners and like to stop by my office for a quick pick-me-up (let’s never mind how well it rhymes with Hasselhoff, shall we?). But lately I’ve … Continue reading

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Letters from Osaka

As most of you know, I am a communicator/marketer in higher education fundraising. Pasted below are two letters written for the university community by one of our students, an Asian studies major, who is right now living/studying in Osaka. (I … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings Weekend

We feel so sad and keep checking Facebook and e-mails, hoping to hear from our friends in Japan that they’re okay. I still can’t find the number for Otosan (my Japanese host father) but I’m going to keep looking. We … Continue reading

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My Heart Aches

I cannot even understand/process what is an 8.9 earthquake. It is impossible to watch the devastation unfolding in Japan and believe that the shattering images are of this amazing place I once called home. I look through these old photos … Continue reading

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Dinner So Gross

Since we were out of town shopping for banisters for the house, the hubby and I decided to grab a bite a new restaurant that was packed (always a good sign, no?). Let me sum up the experience in a … Continue reading

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YogaCycle, Coming Up!

When I called to register for the 2nd session, the nice lady said the class had only one spot left (see the max????). While we were on the phone, however, someone came in and told her they opened up two … Continue reading

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