Dinner So Gross

Since we were out of town shopping for banisters for the house, the hubby and I decided to grab a bite a new restaurant that was packed (always a good sign, no?). Let me sum up the experience in a word: gross.


  • Amounts of food
  • Sugary pasta sauce
  • Meatballs the size of ZsaZsa Chihuahua
  • Frozen-then-thawed pre-dinner bread (yes, with those really hard, freezer-burned parts)
  • Powdered parmesan “cheese”

Well…maybe pictures could better describe:


(That’s my Droid in its case next to the plate, for scale)


The only good part was the beer, and that wasn’t even mine. Sad smile

I don’t know what’s wrong with us…there were tons of people there and they all seemed to be loving it. Maybe we’ve just become to accustomed to whole grains, non-industrialized meats/dairy, little-to-no sugar…you know, real food. (Here are my thoughts on real food).

We’re used to eating fresh, real food that we prepare in our own kitchen with flavor enhancers like herbs, spices, citrus, etc. We’re not used to canned sauces, powdered bullion “French onion” soup (with croutons! yuck!) and soft white bread. We’re definitely not used to the lack of vegetable presence at dinner (unless you count a sprig of parsley, and we don’t).

Funny…we used to eat all this stuff and never think twice about it. At first, switching to better foods was rough and we craved this stuff. But now, after so long, we couldn’t force ourselves to enjoy it.

At least the company was unbeatable and the service superb. Smile

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16 Responses to Dinner So Gross

  1. Oh nooooo! This sounds awful! I hate sugary sauces and over-cooked noodles. It’s funny how your taste in food evolves. God, when I was in highschool, I used to think Applebee’s was so amazing and now I wouldn’t touch that mess with a 10 foot pole!;)

    • Teresa says:

      So funny that you refer to it as “that mess”!!! Haha. I feel the same way about Red Robin. Although I can’t say I loved it as long ago as high school…my nutrition conversion has been much more recent.

  2. Hannah says:

    Wow… that really does look horrible! Pasty dissolving insubstantial bread like that shouldn’t even exist…

  3. Mom says:

    Looks like a plate of worms!! Don’t show your dad, he loves that stuff.

  4. rena gallant says:

    Ha ha!! It’s happening to you guys. Now you know why they call me “Ice chest will travel”

    Mike and I have a really hard time eating out cause the food from home tastes so much better. Mike always says, “What their charging for this crap? We won’t be going there again.” and it happens over and over, till now he really doesn’t want to eat out.

  5. allieksmith says:

    So sorry you had a yuckie dinner… it makes you appreciate GOOD food so much more, huh?!

  6. I hate when that happens!

    I went to a steak hoagie place that was on Diners, drive ins and drives once…it was really packed and I was so excited. The cheese steak i had was so bland, ugh. I will never go back!

  7. Looks like anyone could make that dinner you guys had AT HOME! And if I made it, probably would have tasted better 🙂 The sauce anyways…that’s one thing I’m good at: spaghetti sauce!

    Sucks to have dinner fails though, the worst 😦

  8. Faith says:

    Dang, that’s a disappointment. I feel the same way though, I’ll order a dish and then think to myself “wow, a year ago I would have scarfed this sucker down…wow how things have changed!”

    • Teresa says:

      Isn’t it nuts how that works? Sometimes I look at people around me who live for…you know, Aplebees or whatever, and I wonder why? They must not have a clue what they’re missing. 😉

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