Adjusting (this time for something GOOD!)

Well, well! This morning marked Chris’s first day at his new job Smile. He’s been out of work since August, so this is a very good thing. Of course, it requires a few minor adjustments:

  • This morning we both looked at each other with that “weren’t you going to make the coffee?…I have to get ready” look. I was pretty spoiled with yummy breakfasts these past 6.5 months.


  • I had to actually pack a lunch. I’ve gotten used to running home and eating something warm and freshly made with my hubby and puppy. Yep, spoiled.


  • With the resident “contractor” at a real job all day, we’ll be without a kitchen floor for even longer. I know, boo-hoo, right?


  • The Chihuahua will have to learn to jump to pee. The former house’s owner’s dogs were HUGE and the current doggy door is taller than our pup. She’ll either have to learn to hold it or pole vault. She did not look happy when we broke the news.


Although I’ve gotten used to being spoiled (and the Chihuahua to, you know, peeing), adjustments we can do.

Yes, today is a very good day. Chris is so excited about working and to be helping out with expenses (a single income has made for tight budgeting for projects at Our Corner House and hardly allows for international travel—a serious addiction).

And me, I’m gonna have to get creative if I don’t want to eat a sandwich and handful of pistachios every day for lunch. Winking smile

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4 Responses to Adjusting (this time for something GOOD!)

  1. Yay bringing your lunch to work! And yay for the husband’s new job!

  2. Hannah says:

    Huge congratulations to Chris! I’m about to start the job hunt myself and it terrifies me, particularly because I *need* to feel like I’m saving for future travel, or I get really miserable.

    But, you know, pistachios are aweosme 😉

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you! I totally understand about the saving-for-travel thing. But we’ve always managed (even when we were poor college students and then poor graduate students) to scrape enough together for some awesome trips. It’s a priority for you, so you’ll make it happen, I’m sure. 🙂

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