My last race to-date: Bloomsday 2009. Currently taking it easy on the spine.

I used to train well. Then I overtrained. Then my car was broadsided in an icy intersection. Now, I have to focus on smart training – training that enables me to be fit, lean, strong, responsive, balanced, active, and happy, while avoiding the types of overtraining or stupid training (i.e. not stretching) that used to get me by in the past.

I’m constantly trying new things, with my PT’s blessing. I figure that since I can’t run enough to satiate my energy supply, I need to change it up as much as possible to stay interested. And you know what? I actually love it! Jump on bike? Sure! Scale a basalt cliff? No problem! That new pilates machine? Let me at it!

The key point here is that I am in constant conversation with my PT and physician. I don’t do anything I am cautioned against. This is my one body and it has to get me through several more decades. Please, treat your body well. You deserve it. By all means, try new things, but only with proper education and medical clearance.


1 Response to Training

  1. Kylah Fink says:

    Good exercise Teresa .

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