Mixed Feelings Weekend

We feel so sad and keep checking Facebook and e-mails, hoping to hear from our friends in Japan that they’re okay. I still can’t find the number for Otosan (my Japanese host father) but I’m going to keep looking.

We decided to get away from the corner house and head to friends’ anniversary party out of town. It’s been good to have a night off.

After a 1.5 hour deep tissue massage (not your typical, relaxing massage but they keep me moving post-accident), Chris and I met up with my brother Philip at a local Asian restaurant. I had spicy udon noodles with roasted vegetables.


Our dinners came with all the fixings.


It was really delicious…there were marinated mushrooms, seaweed salads, kimchi, adzuki beans and other yummies.

It’s always strange sleeping in a new place—not that my bro’s apartment is strange—so we were up super early and totally starving. We hit up a local coffee roasting place. Super good choice.


You can’t tell, but on the left is Papua New Guinea blend and on the right, Primo’s blend. We all preferred the Papua New Guinea, which was, (no surprise here) the lightest blend they had. We had the coffee French press style, so it was good and strong.


Just the way we like it. Smile

But throughout it all, the topic of Japan and how our friends there are faring kept coming up. I feel very close with Japan—maybe it’s having grown up hosting Japanese exchange students, maybe it’s having visited the country several times, maybe it’s having lived there for a year in high school myself, maybe it’s living on the west coast and working/living among many Japanese people.

Whatever it is, I feel absolutely sick about what is happening. I’ve been in constant contact with other exchange friends from Iceland, Finland, Turkey, Venezuela, etc. and none of us have been able to make contact with any of our friends or families from where we all lived north of Tokyo, in Saitama-ken. We are all praying and watching and waiting.

Please keep the people of Japan and other affected regions in your minds and hearts. I think they must know that we are all thinking of them and that must bring them some level of comfort amid the devastation.

日本のみなさん : I hope you all are safe! 気をつけて !
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11 Responses to Mixed Feelings Weekend

  1. Mom says:

    It’s been such a long weekend, constantly checking for something positive from Japan

  2. Hannah says:

    Keep staying strong, Teresa. For yourself and your friends. *hugs*

    Gosh, I miss deep-tissue massages! I used to get them in America but haven’t found a good massage therapist back in Australia yet. Hurts so good…

  3. Jess says:

    Hope your friends are okay!

  4. I’m sending you hugs and praying for all your friends in Japan. My bro in law was trying to contact his friend there too and nothing yet, i know its VERY hard getting in touch with people there. Keep your spirits up 🙂 I know you will get a hold of them soon!!

  5. My thoughts are with you! Such a difficult time for so many!

  6. Ellie says:

    Teresa thank you for sharing this with us! I know~i feel the same way and I’m constantly in prayer b/c only God knows everything at this point especially. My classmate’s gf is there too, but just a few cities away. Nice to meet you!

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