All The Right Moves In All The Wrong Places

As in muscle spasms…not big ones, just one irritating spasm right around that sprained vertebrae. It’s typical for me after any form of activity more strenuous than, oh, say, sleeping and it’s surprisingly not as bad as I would have thought it’d be after yesterday’s jog. First time out in FOREVER and one tiny spasm of inflammation? I’ll take it!

Breakfast was fantastic! A toasted bagel thin topped with spinach, sliced tomato and a fried egg. Oh! And Dijon mustard. I love mustard on egg sandwiches! Family think I’m strange but it is SO DELICIOUS.

Paired the sandwich with a bowl of leftover pumpkin and a little plain Greek yogurt stirred in, a few crushed walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Oh, and coffee. Of course. 🙂

Because I’m finding it so dang hard to focus on impending deadlines today, I had a snack at lunchtime of fruit left over from yesterday and yogurt, then hightailed it over to my office-away-from-home: Starbucks.

Couldn’t resist adding the cinnamon just before I dug in.

Settling in with the feta spinach wrap (my fave!) and some green tea, since I may be overdoing the coffee lately. (Is that even possible?)

Here’s to hoping I can get SO MUCH DONE with the rest of my day!!

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4 Responses to All The Right Moves In All The Wrong Places

  1. Keep loading on that cinnamon. It is really good for you.

  2. Hannah says:

    Not weird at all, I love mustard on everything! Particularly in savoury oatbran in the morning 😉

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