to BUY or to TRAVEL!?!?

Powered up my morning with an almond milk and pea protein smoothie—and added in some leftover fruit! Yum.

And because I know myself so well, I also made some hearty oatmeal with chopped dates and walnuts. I know I can buy dates already chopped but they just don’t seem as good, do they?

 Lunch started with some fresh red and orange peppers, cucumber and a splash of lemon juice and rice wine vinegar.

Even ZsaZsa Chihuahua enjoyed some fresh pepper (her favorite snack!).

Oh, did I forget to mention I tossed in a few green olives? An admitted weakness, hehe. And a lightly toasted Bagel Thin with peanut butter and jam, and a cup of coffee. Somehow skipped it during breakfast but couldn’t put it off any longer!!

Then, just as I was becoming super productive following a conference call, I decided that even though I’d just had a haircut, I needed another one.

I love what Tyler did. It feels so much lighter and more polished. I’ll give it a test drive when I commute to the office tomorrow for my bi-monthly appearance. (Sorry for the blurry photo)

Tyler offered me some SINFUL peanut butter bars that I just couldn’t resist. OMG—nothing should be so delicious!!

Delicious peanut butter bar immediately chased with a Southwest chop salad with chicken, extra jalapenos and iced tea.

Off for the 4.5 mi. walk (including 1 mi. jog if I can take it) and the NEW PILATES MACHINE!!!

Some points to ponder tonight:

  • How can work projects be reprioritized to make best use of team members’ time/meet deadlines
  • What on Earth will I wear into the office tomorrow (it’s so hard when you only have to go in every two weeks!)
  • Should we plan another trip (Chris, the hubby, is getting antsy) or should we save for a house?? (more on this tomorrow…)

Any thoughts/advice/warnings/opinions on house buying vs. more traveling welcome (and greatly appreciated) here!!!

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4 Responses to to BUY or to TRAVEL!?!?

  1. Oh, travel while you can. A house is a house until you make it a home. A home is a place you stay and settle in …. a house is just a place to hang your hat between trips. So just find a place to hang your hat when your home… something very small and very bright and easy on the wallet. You know you both get restless if you are tied to one place. I learned that very quickly about you. lol

    Just my opinion…. ❤

  2. BTW I love the short and sassy hair style.

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