Please Pull My Tooth Out

This morning’s breakfast looked like this:


No, I didn’t eat two breakfasts! The hubby’s back! More about where he’s been later. But for now, Chris is back and we’re having breakfie for two!

This afternoon, we went to niece Ky’s Halloween party at school. She was a vampire. Doesn’t Chris look scared excited to see her?


She was generous with her haul. We ate too much. But not more than her teacher, who reportedly ate FIVE of her cupcakes! The scandal!


And, of course, what would Halloween be without Halloween Bingo?


Afterward, at recess, Ky demonstrated the finer points of tetherball for Chris.


And then proceeded to whoop him.

Best thing we overheard today? “Mr. Lybbert, will you pull my loose tooth out during the assembly, please? Please!? Puh-leeeeeeze!?!?!?” 

We’re looking forward to handing out candy pencils to the little tikes this weekend! What should we be this Halloween? What will you be?

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7 Responses to Please Pull My Tooth Out

  1. Angelique Becherini says:

    Hey guys! Glad you’ve been reunited! When are you headed out to NY to visit us?

  2. Kylah Fink says:

    Soooo happy Chris is back. Party was great. Lots of treats/candy and sweet grape juice.
    It was fun having Chris and Teresa there with me at the party! Anna was there too. But too bad she had to go back to work. At least she got to stay for awhile. Afterward we went to an assembly where my little brother got an award. My grandma, papa and baby cousin picked me up from school then we went to McDonald’s. For dinner grandma, papa, Tuly, Anna, daddy and me ate at Inca. We ate so much we only had one box of food left. Then g-ma papa and baby cousin had to go home.

  3. Tina says:

    How nice to be with him again. I hate when my husband is away for any length of time. Well, overnight length of time anyways.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Kylah Fink says:

    I also think that little girl is sooooo cute!!!!!

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