Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

How is it that only when you’re running late do the slowest vehicles of all time insist on pulling out in front of you?? All 150 miles of your commute?! And I’m not talking slow-driving cars. I’m talking combines and other tractor-like (read: slower than molasses) rigs.

My alarm didn’t go off this morning (insert operator-error excuse) and I woke up 1.5 HOURS LATE!!! BUT, after nearly three hours on the road without any food or coffee (insert sound bite of world’s smallest violin) I finally made it to the office. Thank God I have to make this commute only once every other week!

Upon my arrival, I bought up a latte at my favorite coffee shop—right across the street from my office! But, although usually fine, there was just something wrong with today’s coffee. I dumped it for some ginger peach tea (the bite of the ginger did edge away whatever that nasty taste was left in my mouth from the sour coffee, thank goodness!) and some instant oatmeal I keep on stash just for days like today.

I’d completely forgotten that today is a colleague’s birthday, so after a series of morning meetings, it was back across the street to purchase a birthday card and gift certificate. She’s so great! I hope this year is better than ever for her!

I also picked up a box of veggies, which I dip in plain Greek yogurt. Might sound gross, but is actually so very, very lovely. (Do note the green olives!!! :D)

And a whole grain bagel with peanut butter.

There may or may not have been a minor beet juice spill on the birthday card. I cannot confirm nor deny the quantity that spilled into the paperwork, but rest assured, the spill is under control and clean up efforts have already begun.

Now! If I can just focus on work long enough to make the 5-hour roundtrip worth it!

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2 Responses to Breaking News: Beet Juice Spill Under Control

  1. What a day you are having. Hope you get home safe and have a relaxing evening

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