A Home Improvement Sunday

Today comes with a lengthy list of chores! All the more reason for a hearty breakfast! This morning, we enjoyed homemade, fresh-dug potato hash and eggs. Is there a better way to begin the morning?

We sauteed the potatoes with some chopped white onion and turkey Canadian bacon. Had some sea salt at the ready but didn’t need any, just a healthy sprinkle of black pepper. Also enjoyed the some good breakfast blend coffee with a little almond milk.

Tummies full, we vacuumed and dusted and scrubbed the bathrooms. Then headed out to the much-loved hardware store. We were in desperate need for those little vent covers that aim the warm air into the room! Can’t believe it’s already turn-on-the-furnace season! Where did the summer go!?

Lunch consisted of a yummy Havarti burger at Michael’s Bistro, which we shared. The side was hand-crafted kettle chips.

And more coffee, this time with a splash of soy.

Even sharing the burger…half still feels like too much in my tummy. It was tasty but super greasy and salty. Will opt for a simple veggie salad for dinner with some lemon and vinegar. Picked up this pretty little pink and tan ceramic bracelet to send to my Auntie Rena in Calif. as a just-because gift. The proceeds of many items at Michael’s will support breast cancer locally.

More chores to be done. Have to reorganize the office before the official work-week starts tomorrow! Since the way I work seems to constantly change, the structure/organization of my office must also. The office in its current, torn-apart state (try not to be horrified by the mess!):

Then, the long walk (4.5 miles) and the new pilates machine!! Will definitely have to post later about how that thing works out!

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