Woe to Foot

I would’ve thought that no morning that began with this breakfast could bring bad news:


I know. Delish, right? I cooked the whole rolled oats in goat’s milk, then added dates, walnuts and banana.

(One guess which cup is Chris’)


But then I went to meet my new doctor. It wasn’t supposed to be an appointment, just a “meet and greet,” so to speak.

I have this thing with doctors…I have to interview them first. I’ve decided that a doctor’s paradigm of treatment is of paramount importance to me and I’ve decided that most doctors fall into one of two camps:

1. Debby Drugg ‘er Up (or DDU for short) – Debby hears her patient utter words like “pain” “stiffness” “numbness in arm” and “trouble sleeping” and whips out the prescription pad. If I’d listened to every Debby I’ve had the misfortune of seeing, I’d be wearing methadone patches and peeing in a little plastic cup every 15 days by now.

wat the hell who cares?viaHvad får du egentlig ud af at strække ud? - Alt for damernevia

2. Nancy Nice ‘N Natural (or 4N for short) – Nancy sees her patients as sad little wilting flowers who just need exposure to things like spices with anti-inflammatory qualities and yoga. Nancy believes that once you try these things, you’ll start bouncing out of bed in the morning and scoff at people who “think” they feel pain.

Why oh why is it so hard to find physicians who embrace what works from both camps? I’m sick of Debby, who won’t renew my referral for physical and massage therapy. And I’m sick of Nancy, who won’t renew my pain killer and muscle relaxer prescriptions even though it takes me almost a year to go through a 30-day supply.


So today, when visiting this physician for the first time in an attempt to establish care in our new town, I never anticipated having an actual “appointment.” But I ended up really loving this physician! She is more than willing to allow me to continue with physical and massage therapy as much as I’d like and understands that occasional use of pain killers and/or muscle relaxers (as-needed) keeps me livin’. She’s also suggested we get more, updated imaging of my spine and send me to a nerve pain specialist. She’s willing to let me take the lead on that.

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!via

So here I was, having such a great time getting to know my new physician (whose name happens to be Nancy, by the way…although she’s no relation to the 4Ns I reference above), that I ended up having an appointment.

(Here’s where the bad news comes in)

Turns out, not only do I have a stress fracture in my food (And no! I’m not 80!), I also have plantar fasciitis. Oh! It hurts me to even write that! I have a diagram of exercises and stretches I’m supposed to do for it but can’t until the fracture heals. For now, I just limp about and hurt in my feet as well as in my thoracic spine.

flowers for a ghost via

Then (you didn’t think that was it, did you?) she noticed the small bite on one of my toes and thinks it’s infected. I have an infected toe!

Now I’m taking antibiotics for my bitten toe and limping about while waiting for my fracture to heal so I can do stretches for plantar fasciitis!

Maybe I am 80 Sad smile

On the flip side, projects at Casa Corner are getting along nicely (check them out over at Our Corner House) and my work week is shaping up to be fantastic!

How’s your week going? Anyone else feel like they aged 50 years over night?

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8 Responses to Woe to Foot

  1. Happened to me last year. My right knee swelled up like a round watermelon. It was so swollen my quad stopped working and I was unable to walk – yay crutches. Too many knee-drainings later…. it turns out I have rheumatoid arthritis (auto-immune). Good thing I didn’t let that knee doctor cut into me! Just needed a rheumatologist on my side 🙂 Now I take shots every two weeks and I am swelling-free.

    Sorry to hear about all the health problems though – I know they aren’t fun!

    • Teresa says:

      Oh, no! That sounds awful!! Good thing you didn’t have an unnecessary surgery! But I am sorry to hear about your arthritis. Does swelling-free also mean pain-free (hopefully)?

  2. Mom says:

    I’m so glad you found a doctor!!!!! She sounds WONDERFUL!!

  3. Finding a good doctor is possibly my least favorite thing to do. I’d add another type to your list: The Know It All. I’ve had so many doctors pretend to know my body better than me. Once, when I told a doctor my knee pain was so bad that I couldn’t walk without pain, he actually said to me, “No, people with your condition are able to walk, but climbing stairs and running hurts.” Hm, yes, now that you mention it, I was just making that up.

    And sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitis. If it makes you feel better, I had that in one foot and by doing the exercises it went away. The one I found most useful stretched the back of the ankle. So painful but helps immensely.

    • Teresa says:

      You’re so right about The Know It All! How could I forget that one?! But glad to hear that the PF exercises work. I have to admit…I’ve already lost the papers on it but I’ll look for them again. We really need our feet, no?

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  5. Hannah says:

    Teresa, as someone who had a toe issue involving two surgeries, visits to hospitals in Paris, spent four months traveling wearing birkenstocks, socks, and a plastic bag when it rained, and returned home to more months of trying ot get it under control… I feel your pain! And I really, really hope yours doesn’t drag out for over 18 months, as mine did!! xo

    • Teresa says:

      Oh, Hannah! That’s awful!! I can’t imagine being on travel with this! I don’t think my issues will be ongoing, I just can’t believe I have a fracture, an infection and plantar fascitis all at once.

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