My Hero

It’s no secret that my Grams is my hero. For many reasons – she’s creative, intuitive, motivated, active…there are too many to list. And now, some gratuitous shots of my Grams from during Christmas.

Grams does the splits (yes, she’s in her 80s and can still do the splits!)

Grams can do L-sit tricep dips on the dip station I gave Chris for Christmas to do BodyRock workouts on.

Grams has style.

And now, a picture of my cute Christmas doggy.

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to My Hero

  1. allieksmith says:

    Go Gram!!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE puppy 🙂 I’m still so impressed with your gram though… !

  2. mary gallant says:

    WOW Teresa!!! I’m flattered and intimidated beyond belief with such accolades when
    I’m only “doin’ what comes naturally”. Now turnabout is fair play. NO ONE has a
    grand daughter with the talent, tenacity and sparkle for life that I have in my Teresa.
    Chris , you are one lucky husband and a good one, I might add.
    Gram Mary XOXOXO

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