The New (Old) House Chronicles

We can’t exactly call it “home” yet—it really doesn’t feel like it. But we’ve made some progress in the past week—our first week as homeowners.

We made the decision to gut the kitchen and start fresh. Sounds simple, I know. But it’s waaaaay more stressful and complicated than it sounds. So much so, that Chris has suggested starting a separate house blog (and just when I finally combined our years-old travel blog and my personal blog to make things easier!).

House stuff aside, we had a truly lovely Christmas. My grandma (a.k.a. Grams, GramMary, and Glam-ma) came for a visit. She’s a feisty 87 and tons of trouble. She insists that exercise is the fountain of youth and can do (and frequently does) reverse push-ups, the splits (yes, all the way to the floor) and other such activities.

She was really impressed with my Christmas gift to Chris—a dip station for our BodyRock workouts.

She also approved of his gift to me: a vintage, 1970s English bicycle for my new VERY SHORT commute to work. As someone who used to have to drive 3 hours round trip, I am looking forward to riding along to the office from my new (old) home on my new (old) bike.

Grams told the story of how she wanted a bicycle so badly when she was a kid and instead received an entirely practical, and ugly, snow suit. I offered to let her take a spin, but we gave in to the half foot of snow.

Grams is now safely back at home in Los Angeles—an amazing feat considering that she managed to fly both ways with no photo identification, a pocket full of cash, a store-bought permanent wave kit (can you say, “volatile chemicals”?), and lots of small, wrapped packages.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to people after such great visits. This year, we had to say goodbye to Grams and to our friend, Claire, who visited from Australia. And both goodbyes were bittersweet. But then we think about all the friends we are so fortunate to know and love and can’t believe how rich our lives are.

Coming from a rather small family (Grams was an orphan and my two siblings and I have no cousins), I cherish the “family of friends” I’ve been collecting throughout the years and through our travels.

Do you have a family of friends?


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One Response to The New (Old) House Chronicles

  1. Mom says:

    You made me cry…
    looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow.

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