Long Time, No Blog

I could say I’ve been so busy (stressed, anxious, preoccupied). Or that my time has been co-opted by my job (husband, Christmas shopping, organizing). Or that I’ve been changing locations daily.

Actually, I could say it all. But I won’t complain, because as intense things get sometimes, I know myself well enough to know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That said, I am SO STRESSED OUT. Ironically, “stressed” is just “desserts” spelled backward. And I have certainly been indulging too much. 😉

As soon as we returned from our Thanksgiving trip to Los Angeles, we headed to the city where I work—work was really revving up and things were crazy and busy and demanding BUT so worth it. I really LOVE my job.

Following a few nights there, we returned home, where we’ve rushed about working, taking care of year-end dental/medical appointments, organizing our documents, and oh yeah…BUYING A HOUSE!

That’s right! It’s pretty much official now. We sign on Tuesday. I’m: nervous, scared, excited, edgy, impatient…apparently, I’m normal.

 Wish us luck heading into Tuesday!

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One Response to Long Time, No Blog

  1. rsmacaalay says:

    Buying a house they said is the 3rd most stressful thing that will happen to your life. So dont worry its normal. Also I never did knew that “stressed” is just “desserts” spelled backward, intreresting find

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