Thankful for airplanes…

I’m writing this entry from my phone while sitting in SeaTac International, awaiting my next flight (gutsy, I know. Please pardon all typos).

I’m watching all the holiday travelers as they anticipate warm turkey dinners with loved ones, and am thinking about the things for which I am grateful. 

I’m grateful for a good many things, chief among them:

*Being married to my bestest friend.

*Family (including those close friends that might as well be family).


*Work I find interesting and fulfilling.

*Weird Gen-X holiday gatherings (I’m an honorary member of this generation because of my hubby).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Hope you are all safe and warm. Love.

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2 Responses to Thankful for airplanes…

  1. Mom says:

    Well, by now you must be replete with turkey and “sausage” stuffing!!!
    Enjoy “Black Friday” shopping and think of me spending Tday with Frankenfoot!!

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