Out of the Nest Fest – 2010

The setting: The Palace at Silver Lake, Los Angeles, Calif.

The time: Thanksgiving Day 2010

The event: Out of the Nest Fest (weird, Gen-X holiday)

The characters:

  • Ana: The Hostess with the Mostest
  • Mark: Mr. Mellow
  • Kim: The Pastry Princess
  • Karen: The Sweets Skeptic
  • Chris: The Turkey Googler
  • Me: The Veg Lover
  • Kitchenaid: Grandma’s mixer


  • Ana: Welcome to the palace! Glad you could make it. Can I ply you with wine?
  • Mark: Off screen, opens a few bottles and begins to serve.

  • Teresa: Wow! These are the hugest Brussels sprouts ever! Can’t wait to roast ‘em up!
  • Mark: We drove all over town for those dudes.

  • Kim: Chris? Are you sure you know how to carve this thing?
  • Chris: Googles “how to carve a turkey”

  • Kim: Doesn’t it look delish? And the crust is vegan, too!
  • Karen: Oh goody! I love pie!

  • Karen: Growls. Wait…did you say “vegan”??? As in, no butter?
  • Kim: Grimaces. Actually, now that you mention it, maybe that is a little weird.

  • Karen: No butter, even in these tartlets???

  • Kitchen Aid: I’m staying out of this!

  • Chris: Offscreen. So, if these desserts are vegan, what’s in the pumpkin pie?
  • Ana: Also offscreen. Coconut milk, of course!

  • All: In unison. Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Out of the Nest Fest – 2010

  1. You made my day…. ~(*u*)~
    They had Brussels sprouts on the stock at our Fred Myer Store… They were 3 feet long and loaded with sprouts… Now I am sorry I didn’t buy some… Yours look so good.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love to both of you.

  2. Allie says:

    Wow those brussel sprouts look AMAZING! I love all of the captions to your picture, they made me smile. Your pictures are making my tummy grumble for some yummy Thanksgiving food!! 🙂

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