(…drum roll…) They Accepted!

That’s right! We may very soon be bona fide homeowners! Home inspection is scheduled for Tuesday and that’s probably when it’ll feel even more real. As you can see, Chris is particularly excited.


We celebrated with mom’s yummy turkey chili (with cabbage, cilantro and polenta) and some good local beer.



And mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (super duh :)).

Then sent mom and Ky off to Oliver—mom’s playing in the pit orchestra and Ky will watch the show. Chris and I went last weekend.


And I know you’re dying to see photos of the house…and…well, we don’t want to put too much up until the deal is more final, but here’s a little something:


Big tease, I know! More later, I promise! It’s white with red trim (something that could change, eventually…)

She needs a little work and we hope we’re the couple to give her the care she needs. We got lucky; the seller accepted our first offer (of below asking) and agreed to pay all closing costs. Pretty sweet deal!

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16 Responses to (…drum roll…) They Accepted!

  1. mary gallant says:

    Yes, congrats are in order T and C…. but what I want to know is:
    where is this abode located? near or far — from ML ???
    gram mary

  2. kylah fink says:

    Congrats guys !!!! Hope you get it.

    P.S yummy icecream cake 🙂

  3. kylah fink says:

    love ya!! :))

  4. kylah fink says:

    Oh and nice face Chris!!;)

  5. So excited for you! What is the name of the street? Is it in Mose Lake?

  6. Pat Biggs says:

    Yah!! So happy for you guys. It will be so much fun for you to now style the house to your liking. It’s taken Ned and me years to get things like we want. Guess you could say, it’s been a work in progress. Please let us know your colors….

    And Chris, about that eye. Corrective surgery MAY help it….*laughing out loud*

    Have a good sunny? day and enjoy…..LOL

  7. Linda Reed Haase says:

    VERY SERIOUS AND GRAND CONGRATULATIONS! I am very glad you explained that Chris was just excited, I was fearing that a serious medical condition might be the explanation. When do you close? Welcome to the world of financial responsibility and home improvement.

  8. allieksmith says:

    Awww, I wanna see more of this adorable house!!! I never thought of adding cabbage with turkey chili, yum!!

  9. Hannah says:

    Congratulatons a million, billion times!! Oh, how I wish we lived in the same country so that I could give you a housewarming gift. Instead, I’ll have to send you a pretend cake and a pretend flowerpot 🙂

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