House Hunting: Not As Easy Or Enjoyable As You’d Think

A breakfast of whole wheat pancakes from scratch is nearly always the best way to start a day, isn’t it?


And fresh cranberry syrup! Yum!


Little Zsa Zsa likes to sit near me when I work and tried to get comfy on my purse on the floor of the office.


But she’s so dang cute, I just had to give her a cushion to curl up on. She’s the best officemate! Although, she does very little actual work. 😉


Sushi with the hubby for lunch. 😀 We heart sushi.

And an after-lunch-coffee. Is it really already time for Christmas-themed coffee cups? Sheesh!

In other news, the house hunt goes not so well. We’re working on it and don’t want to post too much until we know more. But seriously, why is it easier to find a clean hostel for under $3/night in Central America than to find a clean house to purchase here at home??


Closing shot: These guys hang out across the street in the evenings. The Reindeer are out? Do they also think it’s Christmas?

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2 Responses to House Hunting: Not As Easy Or Enjoyable As You’d Think

  1. Hannah says:

    Ooooh! Deer!! So cute! (I think I feel about deer that way my American friends did when I told them we have kangaroos eating our front lawn sometimes)

    Good luck with the house-hunting! I know it’s hellish but you’ll find something eventually 🙂

  2. kylah fink says:

    YUMM! Pancakes were delicious!

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