Zsa Zsa Homeless, Will Write Dissertation for Food

We’ve been (and still are) debating whether to purchase a home or continue to rent. Let’s be clear about one thing: WE HATE RENTING. ESPECIALLY IN COLLEGE TOWNS. We’d come to the conclusion that we could purchase a condo for roughly the same cost as renting and started to move forward on that.

But when we discovered what a nightmare funding would be and realized there would be no garage option in which to stash our motorcycle and outdoor equipment (Hey, my husband has a degree in outdoor recreation. He comes with a lot of “stuff.”), we resolved to find a rental. We couldn’t find anything (NOTHING) in town where our doggy would be welcome.

Zsa Zsa and her mascot, Lilah, nap.

Here’s a little info on Zsa Zsa Chihuahua by the numbers: 7.5 pounds, 13 years old, asleep 23 hours/day, 1 eye, 7 years exceptional rental history. It’s like local landlords expect us to put her out on the street at the end of her life! And she’s disabled (remember? ONE eye!)!

Zsa Zsa loves posing for art photos.

Then, today, an agent called to tell me about a house she hasn’t even publicly listed yet. She said she thought it was perfect for us. I thought, blah blah blah, you sell houses for a living, the last couple of years haven’t been great for you, you found the “perfect” house for us in the sense that any house you can sell is perfect for you. But then, she sent the photos.

Oh holy house! It’s GORGEOUS!!! It really is perfect for us!!! It’s arts and crafts style, with a brick fireplace flanked by built-in bookshelves and windows. It has window seats and original hardwood floors and an original wood staircase and a full basement and a garage and a small yard for the doggy!!! And it needs just about the perfect amount of DIY TLC! AND it’s SUPER CHEAP!!! Literally, our payments, including taxes and insurance, would fall well below what we’ll pay in rent if and when we find a place that will allow our pup. I’m trying not to get my spirits up too high. It seems this whole having a home thing will chronically elude me my entire life (note: 12 moves in 10 years, currently homeless*).

Zsa Zsa couch surfs!

But I’m going to get a pre-qualification letter for funding first thing in the morning and see if I can schedule a walk-through ASAP.


Zsa Zsa writes dissertations.

(*Not without roof over head, but close)

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12 Responses to Zsa Zsa Homeless, Will Write Dissertation for Food

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    The picture of the house looks absolutely darling!!! So many possibilities..the charm of the house shows through…add some TLC and whalla, it’s a home. “It takes a heap of living, to make a house a home”. Good luck….

  2. When it has that many things that match your needs Go For It…. Sounds like it won’t prevent you from traveling and that is a good thing. Good luck….

  3. Kate Crest says:

    Go for it! Mike and I had that gut feeling within 30 seconds of buying our first home together. We tried to sell this summer, but really deep down, didn’t want to move so we’ve unlisted. And once you’ve gone ‘own’ you can never go back to ‘rent’. Good luck! And see you soon….?

  4. allieksmith says:

    Go for it girl! Best of luck 🙂

  5. Tina says:

    I hope it all works out for you. That sounds like a great opportunity. 🙂

  6. My wife and I recently closed on our first house. It took a while with the siding in bad shape, but finally everything went through. The seller even helped with re-roofing and siding to get the place sold.

    The nice thing about it being in a college town is you could always move out and keep the place as a rental later on if you wanted to.

  7. Debbie says:

    Hey, if my 23 yr old daughter can take the plunge so can you! Be Brave!

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