Here’s To “The Girls!”

My little sis, Anna, and I decided to try a Zumba class tonight!! We even managed to talk our dad into going, which is quite amazing, considering he can’t dance and was worried he’d be the only man present.
But dad was a great sport. Said he would do it for “the girls.” Not sure if he was referring to us, his girls, or to “the girls” in the global sense, since all the proceeds of the two-hour class at Aim Gymnastics tonight went to support breast cancer research.

Coincidentally, I must say that a short sassy haircut is perfect for Zumba-ing (especially when the proceeds from it also went to support breast cancer research).
Dad even bought us each a series of raffle cards and we BOTH WON!!

I won a huge basket of homemade salsas, and Anna won a gift bag of fancy lotions and a 60-minute massage. It was quite a night!

Oh, and then there was the Zumba! The music was upbeat and fun, the crowd was energized (and all dressed in pink), and dad wasn’t the only man! That said, I’m not sure it’s right for me…it reminded me a little of Nia. 

Anna takes a weekly hip hop class at the same place and her hip hop instructor crashed the party 1.5 hours in and taught us all a routine. THAT was actually such a great workout!!! I felt the beat, the attitude…maybe I felt a little gansta? It was awesome!

(Me thinks we should scratch “awesome” bring “rad” back.)
Dinner had been light in anticipation of Zumba: a mixture of grains including brown rice, lentils, barley and bulgur wheat with a stir fry of cabbage, carrots, onion, peppers and tofu. AND chili sauce (duh)!


Biggest shocker of the night? Dad liked Zumba enough to sign up! How many dads Zumba!?

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4 Responses to Here’s To “The Girls!”

  1. mary gallant says:

    One has to know your Dad to really appreciate the Zumba date , Teresa.
    The food looks great and so do all of you!!!
    gram mary

  2. True, true! He was hesitant to go but had such a great time!

  3. Uncle Pete says:

    Young Niece, Your post is very cool. I just love to read about people finding a way to get/stay healthy! So cool that John C and Little Anna joined you. What about your Mom?
    I will return to Taiwan soon and I’ve been looking for something to take back with me, something related to fitness. You may know that my wife is a yoga master and has a large following. We’ve talked about opening an exercise studio of our own. I think that a class that’s really fun and very different from yoga will be a good addition. I’ll begin Zumba class at Gold’s Gym here in Vacaville tomorrow. Hopefully I can learn enough to lead, but if not, we’ll train a young lady to do it. Go Zumba!

    • Haha, thanks for reading! Mom was performing in a musical and thus couldn’t join us. I dragged dad twice a week to a total-body class last winter and he really enjoyed that, too. Like I said, Zumba wasn’t really for me (I’m more of a purist). But definitely give it a try! My understanding is that a 1-day training and exam is all you need to be certified. It would be great for you to offer this to fitness fans in Taiwan! 🙂

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