A Day Like That

Large farm-related equipment slowed my homeward commute, too! Good thing I didn’t need to make good time. I managed to get this pic. And since we weren’t even breaking 10 mph, I didn’t feel it was too dangerous to whip out the camera. Can you see how it’s clogging both lanes!?

But ending a day with the snuggliest Chihuahua on the block, who is always having a good day, is the best. She was so eager to see me, she kept tyring to sit on the computer to get my attention!

No dinner tonight. That latte definitely contained some yucky milk. Going to bed early to sleep off today and the rumbly in the tumbly :(.


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2 Responses to A Day Like That

  1. Glad you are home safe. That little one is so cute. My Dash sits on my computer to get my attention also. Love those little ones….

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