Resolved to Start Again

I love the 4.5-mile loop near where we live. It’s absolutely beautiful.

But today’s walk was a bit frustrating, if anything. I’m itching to run. Or even jog very slowly. I’m so tired of not being able to move more! I’ve been cleared to start running again (slowly) but I’m so scared. I hate the pain that comes from overdoing it. But while watching this beautiful sunset, I resolved to start again. My goal is to jog 1 mile of the 4.5 mile loop tomorrow and walk the rest. We’ll see how it goes.

Post-walk dinner was a salad with romaine lettuce and spinach, baby red, yellow, and orange peppers, baby cucumber, chick peas, red onion, and a few green olives (my weakness!) dressed with lemon juice and rice wine vinegar.

AND…the office is finally ORGANIZED! Now looking forward to the work week. 🙂

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3 Responses to Resolved to Start Again

  1. Hannah says:

    I know absolutely how you feel about wanting to run and not wanting to overdo it. I haven’t been able to do *any* exercise in over 18 months because I have this chronic issue with my toe, which it turns out it 95% likely to need another (third!) lot of surgery, which will put off doing anythign beyond walking for another, well, FOREVER. So I say relish every minute of that 1 mile, but ALSO remember that there is so much more to life that brings happiness!

    Like chickpeas. And singing really loudly in the car and realising you look silly to everyone else. 😀

    • TeresaK says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry about your foot! I know people who’ve had foot surgeries and I think they must be the most difficult to recuperate. Yes, I’m working at finding other ways to burn the energy. I just…can’t…sit…still for too long. For one thing, sitting still seems to make the spinal discomfort worse. 😦 A new pilates machine showed up a few days ago! I’m excited to try it out and will definitely post! Oh, and was the you singing in her car? 😉 Love that! Always puts a smile on my face!! 😀

  2. greensandjeans says:

    Your route looks beautiful! Coming back from an injury is always scary!

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