I DID IT!! Of my 4.5-mi. loop (which I shortcutted to 4 mi.), I jogged 1 mi. at 8:56!! It was mile two, so I was already warmed up and it felt so GREAT! FIRST RUN IN 1.5 YEARS!!! I did a 2nd set of PT progressive stretching when I got back, just to be safe :). My PT says I’m really ready this time…we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

When I was first starting out, I saw this little teeny tiny guy trying to get warm on the asphalt. He was as small as the crack in the pavement! Poor little thing!

Lunch was really a snack…I can never eat too much right after a workout. I was so tempted by Caitlin‘s grilled banana sandwich in Kath‘s breakfast post that I decided to give it a try.

I fried up the 1/2 of banana I had leftover from breakfast with a little cooking spray. It really was that easy. Who knew?

I didn’t have any eggs on hand, so I toasted some whole-grain bread, spread on a little almond butter, topped with the banana and dusted with cinnamon. Delish!

I also treated myself to a little post-work Americano with a splash of soy from Starbucks and some fresh fruit salad.  

Mom locally runs a health-related business and found out that the building she’s rented for many years was just sold out from under her! So I tagged along while she checked out a potential new site. Hope this works out for her! It’s her favorite spot so far.

Getting super excited that our pumpkins are starting to turn orange!! I think we have about 13 of them! And they’re a special baking variety, too! *licking lips*

Dinner was glazed chicken breasts on a bed of spinach and sweet potato fries. I marinated the organic boneless and skinless chicken breasts in Dijon and balsamic vinegar, and coarsely chopped garlic and fresh-picked basil from the garden. Gotta use it up before it starts freezing, right?

Still not ready to post about the new Pilates machine. Haven’t decided yet if it’s as scary as it looks! But if I’m feeling good tomorrow after today’s jog, I’ll make sure to give it a review.

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2 Responses to (mini)VICTORY!

  1. I love grilled banana sandwiches. Your idea of almond butter sounds wonderful. I may have to find some of that and make your version of the sandwich. Glad you’re feeling better. Continue toward your goal but be careful.

    • TeresaK says:

      Can you believe I’d never had one before?? It was FANTASTIC! Didn’t even know what I was missing out on! One thing I miss about Spokane is the nut butter grinder at the Huckleberry’s at the Rosauer’s at the Y. When I was in college, we’d go there and get freshly ground nut butters. Don’t know if they still do it but it’s delicious!! And I promise, I’ll take care of myself. I am a little stiff in the thoracic tonight, so I’ll take it easy tomorrow.  Have a good night, friend!

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