Having a Blast at the Geyser

Our day began at 12 a.m. in the early, early morning. Niina, Elif, Chris and I cooked spaghetti with left-behind pasta in the hostel kitchen. We went to bed with tummies full of “Teresa’s Italian Kitchen” pasta, chili crackers, avocado, hot tea and divided-up Snickers bars for dessert. The midnight breakfast of champions, I have to say.

Before lunch, we piled into Dori´s car and he, we four and a few Lithuanians drove the Golden Triangle. An excited bunch we were, to spend our last day together finding adventure on this beautiful island.

On our first stop, we walked in the continental rift that divides the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates – especially fun since we snorkeled another portion of the rift yesterday.

The gang, with the weight of North American on our shoulders.

Our second stop was at the Geysir…the one after which all other geysers are named because of its size, according to our Icelandic tour guide (a.k.a. friend Dori. But then again, he is the same guy who claims Iceland invented coffee and grows cocoa.).

This area was steaming and stinky with sulfur. Rivulets of hot water fingered across the ground and holes with bubbling water gurgled angrily.

We gathered at one very active geyser, wondering if we´d get to see a show. Just then, a huge, powerful plume of water and steam exploded out of the ground and high up over our heads. We felt the hot spray. It was massive. It was impressive.

Our last stop was at Gulfoss, the famously mammoth waterfall. I think this was probably the first time we’ve ever seen such a fast-moving, powerful river completely un-dammed. Of course, Chris walked far too close to the edge and leaned over to take pictures. Of course, I was there to make sure he didn’t fall in. Some things never change.

Together again for the first time since Tokyo: Elif, Dori, Niina & me

At the end of the day, we headed back to Reykjavik to Dori and Berglind´s house where we feasted on lamb and good wine in the company of good friends. After a complete inspection and approval of each of the happy couple’s wedding gifts, we began the rather bitter sweet ride back to the hotel.

Parting ways with Niina, Elif and Dori was a hard, hard thing to do. We promised not to let another 10 years go by before we meet again, hugged and said, “Sayonara, friends. Sayonara, Iceland.”

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