Toes Froze, Nose Froze

Today we’re feeling a little crazy – crazy enough to go caving and snorkeling…in freezing cold water!

The Icelandic country side is so barren and yet so beautiful.

Outfitted with headlamps and helmets (alway!), we prepare to enter the lava tube.

Elif and I pose for a photo inside the cave.

The formations inside the cave are covered in shimmery silver!

Our lunch consisted of cheese and meat sandwiches on fresh, crusty bread and HUGE chocolate cookies for dessert.

Caving done, next up we go snorkeling in the Silfra Fissure. This is the always growing rift between the North American and Eurasian continents. And that water is COLD!!

But we gear up and dive in anyway!

Chris snaps this picture just as I drop in. Sadly, I’m too thin for the dry suits that are long enough for me. Water seeped in through my sleeves and neck and I just couldn’t stay in as long as the others.

But is was still a fantastic experience! I’ve never snorkeled outside of tropical waters before. The water here is crystal clear and apparently safe to drink but thanks to the pesky stomach bug picked up in Latin America, I’m not that adventurous.

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