The Blue Lagoon & an Icelandic Wedding

When the bus finally arrived, Niina, Elif, Chris and I headed to the Blue Lagoon. Wow! What an amazing place!! We didn’t expect it to be quite so…commercial…but then, it wasn’t a huge surprise either. I’d guess that in a few more years maybe there will also be roller coasters and photo booths.

The water was so warm! And soft! And the most beautiful shade of milky-white. We spread white silica mud on our faces and floated around amongst conversations in myriad other languages. The sun warmed our heads and shoulders – almost nothing is as beautiful as Iceland in the sunshine.

On the way back, Chris taught Elif how to make a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He calls them PBJ&M for: Peanut Butter Jelly & Mmmmm.

Back in Reykjavik, we four squeezed into mine and Chris’s hotel room to ready for the wedding…or as Elif would say, “To put our pretty on.”

Ready for the wedding!

We rode the bumpy, windy road into the middle of nowhere – the wedding was in a national park – with a couple of Icelanders who, in true island style, arrived late and would turn out to be disappointingly unreliable for the ride back.

An Icelandic national park was a totally new experience for all of us – Turkish, Finnish and American. It looked like a tree farm, not only because it was so well groomed, but also because the trees were so cute and tiny. Still, to find trees in Iceland at all is a bit of an unusual thing.

The happy couple tying the knot!

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor wedding. The bride was so beautiful and the groom so happy. The ceremony, though in a language we could not understand, was touching.

Roasted lamb, baked potato, corn & salad for the main course.

Afterward, we ate, drank, laughed and danced. The sushi, fresh hummus, brie cheese, grilled lamb, chocolate fountain and champagne satisfied our tummies. We received our favors – handmade woolen mittens – and hugged our dear friend and our new friend, who we wish will have many happy years together.

Our wedding favors? Handmade woolen mittens! They’re so pretty and warm! We’ll treasure them for many years to come!

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