View From the Top

Kevin, a British hostelmate at Anahuac, is itching to get out of Juayua.

That’s nuts to us! We absolutely love the small, quaint village that time forgot. However, after dinner and cervesas with Kevin last night and breakfast with him this morning, we are itching to get away from him. And so we catch the next chicken bus out of town (chicken bus: a retired U.S. school bus painted bright, garish designs and covered in stickers of Tweety Bird, the Madonna, glittery red hearts, etc. It’s no small miracle these buses don’t rattle to pieces the way the drivers aim their noses straight down 10 percent grades and let ’em rip).

Ready to zip line in Apaneca!

Ironically, in Apaneca, a peaceful little village along the Rutas de las Flores, we find an adrenaline-inducing adventure for which Chris has been begging: zip lining through the canopy.

Climbing to position - of course they were shaking the bridge!!

For a small price, English-speaking (thank goodness) guides drive us straight up the side of a volcano and send us flying back down over coffee plantations and jungle. The view of the volcanoes, the town off in the distance, the lush forest…it’s hard to describe because it all went by so fast 😉

Chris flies like Tarzan - albeit with more equipment!

Equally fun, yet entirely different, is our hike to a Mayan monument in Finca Santa Leticia. A sweet, chubby guide directs us through a maze of coffee groves while practicing his English on us. We learn to say “give me my change”…something we’re sure will be very useful. The monuments are two huge, basalt rocks carved into pigs with human-like faces.

Apparently, this group of Mayans came to the area about 100 B.C. and out of cold, inimical feelings toward their leaders, carved their likenesses into the rock. Some sort of ancient caper, we suppose, although we can’t imagine planning and carrying out any joke that requires relocating 24,000kg boulders to the top of a hill.

Now, stuffed with rice and spicy chicken, we siesta with the resta.

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